Sep 26 2010

Website Evaluation Checklist

CheckboxI just created a checklist for evaluating websites for their validity/value. This is aimed mostly at educators (my primary audience), but college students and even high school students would also make good use of it (the younger ones, not so much). I used a page at Lesley University’s site as a guide for the content, but arranged it in such a way as to be a reusable form.

The form linked below is a fillable .pdf, meaning that you can type your information straight into the form. You can then print out the document, or, if you have Acrobat Pro (has to be Pro) or Foxit Reader, you can just do a “Save As…” to keep a digital copy. If you’re on a Mac OSX computer, you can just use Preview to either print or save it after filling it out (thanks Apple!).

You are free to download and use this form to your heart’s content. I just ask that when your fellow teachers ask where you got this wonderful form, you send ’em here to my blog!

Download Website Checklist here

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