Oct 06 2010

Developing a Successful Program

For my first (of two) group activity for my classmates, I am presenting a Prezi that provides the viewer with a general overview of what it takes to develop a successful educational technology program. If you’ve never viewed a Prezi before, you essentially just click the forward button to advance the presentation. There is no audio at this point, although I’m considering adding an audio track. Step through this presentation, then read the instructions at the end. Post your answers to the questions in the comments below. (Really, don’t spend more time than you need/want to.) Good luck!

Developing a Successful Ed. Tech. Program (Prezi.com)

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    • jadamarie on October 15, 2010 at 4:44 pm
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    I would like to incorporate the Beyond Question clickers into my curriculum more often. These are a type of student response system that our district has purchased.

    One site that I found http://www.turningtechnologies.com/studentresponsesystem/ has some great ideas of how to use them in the classroom and the benefit they have for discussion. It also has a link for reviews. Another site http://www.citl.ohiou.edu/clickers/index.htm shows how this university adopted a similar system. They talk about their success with the technology.

    I would let parents have the chance to come into the classroom, and try it out themselves. They can ask students questions and join in on the discussions. I could also show parents at back to school night or even open house.

    For my project I would want students to understand their goals for the future. We could put together a plan or portfolio for them to continue to use even when they aren’t in class anymore. It could result in an ongoing lifetime project.

    • ryancorcoran on October 15, 2010 at 10:42 pm
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    I do like using the clickers. One thing I’ve seen teachers do is a kind of “Are you smarter than YOUR fifth grader?” game where the parents have to take a quiz that has the same questions their own kid had to answer and see how they do. 🙂

    How much money will you be asking for on your DonorsChoose page?

    • Amy Cooper on October 17, 2010 at 10:53 am
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    One piece of technology you would integrate in your classroom on a regular basis.

    As either a classroom teacher or library media specialist one technology or tool I plan to integrate when I return to education is website creation. I attempted to do this when I was teaching several years ago, but never got it done in the way I had truly envisioned. In the future I would really like to be a library media specialist and so I would use a website to inform my students, teachers, parents and staff of my policies, my lessons, and schedule. I would also like students to have a large part in the daily use and creation of my website. Each grade level can have its own section based on what we are doing and what the grade level is working on in their classroom. I see a school library website as a wonderful tool that can evolve over time into many creative opportunities for my students and also for my role as a librarian.

      • ryancorcoran on October 17, 2010 at 5:32 pm
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      @Amy — So what technology purchases would you need to accomplish that, and how much will it cost?

    • Pam Allender on October 18, 2010 at 8:49 pm
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    I would like to integrate video technology into my middle school technology classroom. I can see that incorporating this technology into the classroom would have a dual effect on learning.
    In doing my research I found one site http://www.thirteen.org/edonline/ntti/resources/video1.html, which stated “Teachers who use instruction video report that their students retain more information”. This is something that all teachers strive to have their students do is retain the content presented. another site http://www.libraryvideo.com/articles/article13.asp , stated “current research reveals that the most effective way to use video is as an enhancement to a lesson or unit of study”. As in looking at the research we can see that video does have an impact on student learning.
    As I mentioned earlier, the dual purpose would involve student learning in two ways. My middle school students would learn new techniques and work toward a larger understanding of video production. By doing the videos, as a collaboration project with elementary teachers, they would be helping out the teachers with lessons and curriculum. My students now help out by producing items for use in elementary classrooms. This would be another way to help elementary teachers pass on lessons to younger students. This would be two-fold in helping two sets of students gain knowledge.
    As for sharing the information with parents, and community we would display some of the videos produced on our school website. We do this now with some examples of student produced documents. I believe that the costs of purchasing the video equipment to complement my computer lab would more than pay for itself in just a very short time. Students would learn valuable lessons, and who knows it may light a spark in some students who would want to pursue video technology as a career.

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