Nov 24 2010

8 ways technology is improving education

Geek blog Mashable featured an article by Sarah Kessler yesterday titled, “8 ways technology is improving education” that discusses 8 key ways in which technology is (finally) impacting education. We all know how much the education world (especially public education) lags behind the corporate/industrial world in terms of technology, but thanks to ever decreasing prices, powerful tech is finally making its way into the classroom.

I won’t spoil the entire article, but I do want to mention my #1 out of Kessler’s list: Global Learning. She really only discusses this topic from the context of conferencing with native speakers of other languages, but I suggest that global learning encompasses so much more than that. With more curriculum material going online, more student activities going online (occasionally entire classes), and more students having ready access to the Internet with very personal, mobile devices, the students are spending more of their day learning, as well as taking more ownership in their learning (when done properly).

In the comments below, suggest a few ways that technology is improving education that Sarah may have omitted.

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