Apr 05 2011

23 Things #13 – Slide Sharing

Today’s 23 Things Kansas activity is another one of those that I’ve never really gotten into, mainly because I haven’t really had a need for it (or at least I didn’t realize I had a need for it). I decided to use Slideshare.net just to try out a new tool. (I have used slide sharing in the past using Google Docs. You can view that presentation on a post from 2010 here.)

I must say that while uploading and sharing my presentation using slideshare.net was very simple, I was rather disappointed in the quality of the “conversion.” It lost my fonts, WordArt was moved around/change, etc. In my opinion, if something like this is going to be a dedicated tool that really only does one thing, it ought to do that one thing a little better. If I had a poorly designed PowerPoint (i.e., just a bunch of words on a slide), it wouldn’t really matter that much, but if your presentation is more than just bullet points, this particular tool doesn’t really hold up. I would rather record it as a screencast or something.

Anyway, below you can see the slide show I uploaded to slideshare.net. It was one I created for another class recently (only about 2-3 weeks ago). Enjoy, and let me know what you think in the comments!

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