Jun 12 2011

5 Google Tools #1 – Google Squared

Google Squared creates a dynamic “database” of sorts of your search results. You can add or remove columns to customize what information is displayed, and click on a cell to see possible alternate values than what Google selected. For example, I decided to search for “freshman English reading lists,” and was presented with the following results: http://goo.gl/plnkK. I then added columns for “Author” (since it did not create one automatically) and publication date. Considering how little effort I put into it, it’s amazing what quality of a list I can produce with this thing.

I chose this tool because of it’s insane ability to create sortable lists that are actually very useful. (Don’t believe me? Try searching for WWII Battles, or Heavy Metals.) The potential uses of this tool for both teachers and students is virtually limitless. As a teacher, we create lists all the time (see reading list example above), and we also ask our students to create lists as well. Google Squared also could be useful when trying to narrow down a research topic (try using Squared to search for “baseball teams” and compare the usefulness of that to the search results you get just doing a regular Google search for the same).

You can view a very brief introductory video on YouTube below, or I think if you just click my various links above, you’ll get a great idea of what Squared is capable of.

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