Feb 13 2014

My new favorite use for Evernote

When I was a kid, my brother had a cassette tape recorder that was relatively portable (not too unlike this old Fisher-Price model). We made recordings of us watching television, casting baseball games, reading books, telling stories, and more. Today, those old tapes are worth about as much as gold to me now. Hearing my brother’s and my own voice from 30+ years ago is like stepping into a time machine–I can still hear my little toddler voice shouting into the microphone about Mr. Paint Pig something-or-other. For some reason, audio still captures the imagination stronger than audio plus video. So, while YouTube is a great place for keeping my family videos, etc., I was trying to think of ways of capturing more audio events in my life, particularly of my son.

I have also recently been working to digitize my entire history–CDs, tapes, DVDs, etc. A big part of that digital archiving project is Evernote. Tonight, I had an epihany of using Evernote to record little audio snippets/snapshots of my son or other things that happen throughout the day. There are little things he says–and more importantly, how he says them–that I just want to be able to remember forever. And as we all know, Evernote’s motto is, “Remember Everything. Because Forgetting Sucks.” Or maybe that’s just what the T-Shirt says.

Without any further ado, I give you your daily cuteness: my son answering the question, “What does a bubble say?” Below the audio is a link to the actual Evernote, just so you can see how it saves and shares. Enjoy!

If you’d like to learn more about how to record audio into Evernote, see this knowledge base article.

Finn's Sounds Evernote

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