In the interest of open educational resources, I have decided to publish my research using a free online scholarly journal website host called

Why would I choose to do this instead of submitting my paper to a peer-reviewed research journal which would give me more “street cred”? Advancement and innovation requires access to information. When valuable research journals are locked behind a very high “paywall,” that access goes away.

For more information about Open Access, watch this great animation from the folks at PHD Comics:


Student Perception of Teachers Who Play Social Online Video Games. (2012).


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Student Perception of Teachers Who Play Online Social Video Games

Abstract: This study sought to reveal whether a teacher’s participation in online social video gaming has an impact on their students’ perceptions of them as a professional, a content expert, and/or as an individual. A survey tool was created and distributed online using—a third-party developed survey platform—and advertised using a variety of social media …