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Nov 30

Professional Development Webquest

I have created a new web quest activity on this site entitled “PowerPoint *plus*“. Its main goal is to teach you how to do the following things in order to spice up your PowerPoint presentations: Download & Embed YouTube videos Create Custom Path Animations Create Linked Slides The primary audience for this activity is teachers, …

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Mar 28

23 Things #10 – Video on the Web

I love web video. I’m just going to be very upfront about that. My wife and I cancelled cable television, and we get all of our “TV” fixes from Internet video from sources such as Hulu.com, Netflix Streaming, Amazon.com Streaming, not to mention each of the content providers own webpages (NBC.com, CBS.com, etc.). I have …

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Nov 21

Art along the Santa Fe Trail (Google Earth Activity)


Art Along the Santa Fe Trail (Google Earth .kmz file) In my opinion, one of the aspects of Google Earth that is most powerful is its ability to put things into perspective (literally as well as figuratively). Giving students the ability to measure distances on the map quickly and easily is incredibly empowering and puts …

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Oct 25

Jicama High needs a track!

I developed a sample “Authentic assignment,” often called project- or problem-based assignments in which the audience is real and the purpose for doing the assignment is real. Not a hypothetical “Train A is leaving San Francisco at 7:15…” but a problem in which the students get an opportunity to solve a real-world problem for people …

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Oct 11

Collaboration Tips and Ideas

Your second activity from me comes in the form of a Google Presentation (not terribly original, I know, but you’ll see why as you step through it). Step through all the slides and visit some of the links that are included. Read the assignment on the last three slides and post your responses in the …

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Oct 06

Developing a Successful Program

For my first (of two) group activity for my classmates, I am presenting a Prezi that provides the viewer with a general overview of what it takes to develop a successful educational technology program. If you’ve never viewed a Prezi before, you essentially just click the forward button to advance the presentation. There is no …

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