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Sep 22

Are you one of these parents?

Over at the AMX blog, Lane Shannon writes about an experience he had with one of his kids asking to play a video game he was unfamiliar with. Even though video games are getting more and more mainstream, it’s hard for parents to stay fully in the loop of popular games, especially if they themselves …

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Feb 19

Using Google Earth for Perspective

What if New York’s Central Park was actually in Wichita, Kansas? How big is New York’s Central Park, really? If you’ve ever been there, it’s quite impressive–you can spend hours walking trails only to see on a map later that you only covered a very small portion of the park. I wanted to put things …

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Nov 21

Sloan-C, Day-2

First things first–please note my badge bling in the picture to the left. I was the first #sloancninja of the 2013 conference! Basically, that just meant that I was the first one to Tweet, Instagram, Vine, LinkedIn, and post on my blog all either about the conference, or with the hashtag #aln13. I’m a big …

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Nov 20

Sloan-C, Day-1

My university has graciously sent me to the annual SLOAN-C conference this year, hosted in Orlando, FL. SLOAN-C is an organization whose primary focus is the advancement of online education and distance learning. It’s been a wonderful experience so far, and I’d like to share just a few random thoughts from the first full day …

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Oct 21

Human Element MOOC starts today!

The MOOC I mentioned a few days ago is starting today! I encourage you all to join me and then watch for ideas and comments here at ed.tech.for.me. Join in on the conversation and let us all know what you think!   I’m taking a MOOC: “Tools for Humanizing Your Online Course” – Join Me …

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Oct 15

Envisioning the Future of Education

A colleague of mine shared this infographic with me: Envisioning the Future of Education, presented by Envisioning.io (or envisioningtech.com). One thing that I take away from this vision of the future of education is not all of the fancy technology (although that is obviously the point of the graphic), but rather that we’re seeing a …

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