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Sep 22

Are you one of these parents?

Over at the AMX blog, Lane Shannon writes about an experience he had with one of his kids asking to play a video game he was unfamiliar with. Even though video games are getting more and more mainstream, it’s hard for parents to stay fully in the loop of popular games, especially if they themselves …

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Nov 21

Sloan-C, Day-2

First things first–please note my badge bling in the picture to the left. I was the first #sloancninja of the 2013 conference! Basically, that just meant that I was the first one to Tweet, Instagram, Vine, LinkedIn, and post on my blog all either about the conference, or with the hashtag #aln13. I’m a big …

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Status update

I’ve been pretty crazy busy lately. Went to Anaheim two weeks ago, and now I’m in Orlando. Not much to report from BlizzCon, except something cool might be coming. (Pulling a Johnson… #Hint)

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Feb 25

MMOs boost cognitive function?

This article is cross-posted from my school blog, Spring 2012. A press release from North Carolina State University announced recently that a group of NCSU researchers have found that playing World of Warcraft is shown to improve cognitive functioning in older adults. Apparently, it’s more effective for those adults who scored particularly low on a …

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Feb 13

You get what you pay for…

This article is cross-posted from my class blog, Spring 2012. “Virtual Learning Environments can be excellent for teaching and learning.” After spending a little over a week in Second Life, I believe the above statement needs either some more emphasis on “can be” or perhaps altered to “will be in the future.” There is still …

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