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Status update

Just a quick update to point out a new area of the site added today: the “research.” area has been added to the menu above. That page will link to abstracts of any research projects I do, which will link to the paper’s permanent location. Please visit, read, review, and share!

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Oct 30

My thoughts about the Apple announcement

I realize I’m about a week late here, but I have honestly struggled with what to write about last week’s Apple announcement. To say that the announcement was “underwhelming” is accurate. I wasn’t truly disappointed, necessarily, but the event truly lacked the “magic” that we have come to know and love from Apple. Let’s start …

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Oct 16

Pinterest Drives More Traffic to Publishers Than Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit Combined

Mashable reported yesterday that Pinterest drives more users to websites than any other social network, except for Facebook. This was actually news to me. I knew Pinterest was popular, but so popular that Twitter, LinkedIn and Reddit combined don’t even touch it?! What do you think? Do you use Pinterest? If so, do you use …

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Oct 24

iPad Mini & e-learning

So yesterday, Apple announced the new iPad Mini. For the naysayers, it is indeed essentially an iPad 2 shrunk down to a screen size of 7.9″. This alone is better than it sounds, because since it keeps the same screen resolution but shrinks the screen dimensions, the screen will actually “look better.” It’s not a …

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Status update

Expect some news/reviews/op-eds tomorrow right here regarding Apple’s new product news. One thing for sure, there will be something we can put to use in the classroom!

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Jan 31

Our students are begging to use technology… and we ban it.

This article is cross-posted from my class blog, Spring 2012. As I was reading The Daily (my daily news”paper” that I subscribe to on my iPad) just this morning, there was an article by Noreen O’Donnell that reported on a particular middle school that banned the very popular shoe style called “Uggs” because the students were …

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Sep 18

The Global Village

The sixth chapter of Curriculum 21: Essential Education for a Changing World (2010), written by Vivien Stewart, is an examination of how the classroom of the 21st century must play an active role in the global community in order to best prepare its students for citizenship in that global community. As we learned from Wilmarth’s five socio-technology …

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Dec 04

iPads in Kindergarten?

Paducah, Kentucky’s local news station WPSD recently aired a feature about one local school using iPads to great use in Kindergarten classrooms. The iPad is such a versatile device that it is equally beneficial for Kindergartners and 3rd year Med Students. Amazing! Watch the video below for the full story.

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Nov 24

8 ways technology is improving education

Geek blog Mashable featured an article by Sarah Kessler yesterday titled, “8 ways technology is improving education” that discusses 8 key ways in which technology is (finally) impacting education. We all know how much the education world (especially public education) lags behind the corporate/industrial world in terms of technology, but thanks to ever decreasing prices, …

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Nov 22

iPads a boon to education

iPad image courtesy Apple, Inc.

A couple of days ago, the Twin Cities Pioneer Press featured an article called “Minnesota students, teachers find iPad becoming go-to tool“. When Apple first announced the iPad, I was initially pretty skeptical. I thought it was just a big iPod Touch. During the time in between Apple’s announcement and the iPad’s ultimate release, however, …

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