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Status update

Just a quick update to point out a new area of the site added today: the “research.” area has been added to the menu above. That page will link to abstracts of any research projects I do, which will link to the paper’s permanent location. Please visit, read, review, and share!

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Status update

The survey for my research project is now closed. Watch this site for the results of the survey, and my complete research paper, once it is complete. I plan on experimenting with what a research paper might look like if presented on a WordPress blog…

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Status update

I have received about 50 responses to my survey so far. My study is on “Student Perception of Teachers who play Online Social Video Games”, and the survey only takes about 5-8 minutes. Won’t you take it to help out the teaching profession?

The survey can be found here: http://edu.surveygizmo.com/s3/844591/Student-Perception-of-Social-Gaming-Teachers

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Apr 05

Survey responses needed!

I am collecting responses to a survey for research I’m doing as part of my Masters of Science degree in Educational Technology. The topic of the research is “Student perceptions of teachers who play online social video games.” The survey is primarily targeted to current or recent high school students, but I need a wide …

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Status update

If you’re a college student looking to do some online surveys for class research, surveygizmo has a free student account: http://goo.gl/nN1Hc

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Feb 25

MMOs boost cognitive function?

This article is cross-posted from my school blog, Spring 2012. A press release from North Carolina State University announced recently that a group of NCSU researchers have found that playing World of Warcraft is shown to improve cognitive functioning in older adults. Apparently, it’s more effective for those adults who scored particularly low on a …

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