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I just wanted to share an ULTRA quick review for TweetDeck, which I installed as a Chrome extension to help me stay abreast of the #HumanMOOC Twitter dialog. It’s a great tool for setting up custom searches to view right along side your regular timeline. I may come back and do a full review a little later. Check it out!

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Oct 16

Pinterest Drives More Traffic to Publishers Than Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit Combined

Mashable reported yesterday that Pinterest drives more users to websites than any other social network, except for Facebook. This was actually news to me. I knew Pinterest was popular, but so popular that Twitter, LinkedIn and Reddit combined don’t even touch it?! What do you think? Do you use Pinterest? If so, do you use …

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Oct 11

Featured on about.me

I’m so excited! My about.me page was featured on the about.me blog page, and tweeted out to the world! I’m also going to take this opportunity to mention that I plan to start doing some occasional blogging again, as a way to share what I learn and hopefully create a dialog about issues and trends …

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Apr 05

Survey responses needed!

I am collecting responses to a survey for research I’m doing as part of my Masters of Science degree in Educational Technology. The topic of the research is “Student perceptions of teachers who play online social video games.” The survey is primarily targeted to current or recent high school students, but I need a wide …

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Apr 04

Online Collaboration: Working Together, Alone.

This article is cross-posted from my school blog, Spring 2012. Online communication is an amazing thing. It’s making tremendously easier what was once tremendously difficult. The fact that two classrooms of children can collaborate on a project together through something like ePals even though they live half a world apart and barely speak the same …

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Mar 07

Too Dangergous!

This article is cross-posted from my school blog, Spring 2012. Let me paint you a picture. You’re a teacher of 2nd graders, and one morning you walk in to the classroom and one of your young boys is already sitting at his desk, quietly, intently working on something. You walk over to his desk to see …

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Missouri bans teachers from “friending” students on Facebook

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Oct 15

Birth of a new genre

Did you blink? Did you miss it? If you’ve been participating in online social networks over the past four or five years, you’ve witnessed the birth of a new literary genre. This new genre is a subset of poetry (no, don’t stop reading yet, you’ll like this poetry), akin to the haiku or limerick. Like …

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Sep 17

“The Postliterate Era”

Stephen Wilmarth pens the fifth chapter of Curriculum 21: Essential Education for a Changing World (2010), entitled “Five socio-technology trends that change everything in learning and teaching.” In the chapter, Wilmarth outlines emerging technologies and their impacts not just on education, but on society as a whole. Amidst the introduction to the chapter, the author …

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Apr 26

23 Things #15 – Wikis

I love Wikipedia. I know, I know… it’s not a “reliable” source, right? Are you sure about that? While it is subject to people with specific agendas editing pages, other people with the goal of keeping Wikipedia useful are constantly monitoring pages for changes. For example, every time I edit a page on Wikipedia, I …

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