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Feb 19

Using Google Earth for Perspective

What if New York’s Central Park was actually in Wichita, Kansas? How big is New York’s Central Park, really? If you’ve ever been there, it’s quite impressive–you can spend hours walking trails only to see on a map later that you only covered a very small portion of the park. I wanted to put things …

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Feb 13

My new favorite use for Evernote

When I was a kid, my brother had a cassette tape recorder that was relatively portable (not too unlike this old Fisher-Price model). We made recordings of us watching television, casting baseball games, reading books, telling stories, and more. Today, those old tapes are worth about as much as gold to me now. Hearing my …

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Feb 03

How I Achieve “Inbox Zero”

If you’re like me, you often get buried in your email inbox. While I’m still working on my personal email account, my work email is now fully under control, and I have been able to maintain “Inbox Zero” status. If you’re not familiar with “Inbox Zero,” it is a buzz word that’s been going around …

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I just wanted to share an ULTRA quick review for TweetDeck, which I installed as a Chrome extension to help me stay abreast of the #HumanMOOC Twitter dialog. It’s a great tool for setting up custom searches to view right along side your regular timeline. I may come back and do a full review a little later. Check it out!

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Oct 21

Human Element MOOC starts today!

The MOOC I mentioned a few days ago is starting today! I encourage you all to join me and then watch for ideas and comments here at ed.tech.for.me. Join in on the conversation and let us all know what you think!   I’m taking a MOOC: “Tools for Humanizing Your Online Course” – Join Me …

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Amazing use of table interface

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Status update

If you’re a college student looking to do some online surveys for class research, surveygizmo has a free student account: http://goo.gl/nN1Hc

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Feb 05

Free Screen Sharing

This article is cross-posted from my class blog, Spring 2012. I saw a blog post a few weeks back on FreeTech4Teachers.com that highlighted the website QuickScreenShare.com. Since we’re talking about Virtual Learning Environments this week, I thought it might be worth throwing in here. While screen sharing isn’t exactly a “Virtual Learning Environment” in the way that …

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Jun 16

5 Google Tools #5 – Google Fusion Tables

5. Google Fusion Tables The final tool is another one that I really had no idea even existed. This one has similar functionality to Google Docs-Spreadsheets, but makes it quite a bit easier to make graphs, maps, charts, etc. The most useful iteration of this is the creation of an intensity map, or “heat map.” …

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Jun 15

5 Google Tools #4 – Google Health

4. Google Health   The last two tools will break from the freshman English theme and move into science. I chose to explore Google Health because I had no idea it even existed. This tool allows you to keep track of your own health records, including conditions, medications, doctors info, immunizations, and more. The feature …

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