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  • Do you use PowerPoint as a glorified chalkboard?
  • Are the default slide backgrounds the extent to your PowerPoint design skills?
  • Do you want to learn some of the more powerful tools available to you in PowerPoint?

This webquest will help you take your class PowerPoints to an entirely new level!  You can also use this activity to help you generate ways that students can use PowerPoint presentations as a very effective assessment tool. You will need at least a basic usage level of PowerPoint and its core functions (adding slides, creating elements, adding animations, etc.)

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PowerPoint *plus* – Task

Intro  |  Task  |  Process  |  Evaluation Task You will visit many sites that will not only teach you how to improve your PowerPoint skills, but should also help you get your creative juices flowing! As a result of this activity, you will create an interactive PowerPoint presentation about an historical event that includes the following …

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PowerPoint *plus* – Process

Intro | Task | Process | Evaluation Process 1. Downloading & Embedding YouTube Videos As you know, accessing YouTube from a school computer can often be unreliable at best, and impossible at worst. Did you know it’s actually possible to save YouTube videos? There are three main reasons you want to do this: You want …

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PowerPoint *plus* – Process (con’t)

Intro | Task | Process | Evaluation 2. Creating Custom Path Animations I’m sure you’ve seen a hundred times the ol’ tried and true, out-of-the-box animations that PowerPoint offers. There are times when you want a word, a shape, or an image to simply go somewhere or do something that is not available in the …

PowerPoint *plus* – Process (last)

Intro | Task | Process | Evaluation 3. Linking Slides (to other slides) Linked slides is an area where most people never get into when creating their PowerPoints. Business presentations rarely (if ever) use them, and you don’t really need them if all you do is present linear lecture-style lessons. But our students don’t think …

PowerPoint *plus* – Evaluation

Intro | Task | Process | Evaluation Summary Well, that’s it! You’re now equipped to create some pretty powerful presentations using Microsoft PowerPoint! While there’s still much more to learn, these three little tricks can improve the quality and/or interactivity of your PowerPoint files. So if you’re still using PowerPoint as a glorified chalkboard, you …

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