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3. Linking Slides (to other slides)

Linked slides is an area where most people never get into when creating their PowerPoints. Business presentations rarely (if ever) use them, and you don’t really need them if all you do is present linear lecture-style lessons. But our students don’t think linearly. They grew up in a hypertext environment where they can click any word and be whisked away to learn more about that subject, or have a dozen browser tabs open simultaneously to perform a dozen completely different tasks including chatting, viewing/uploading photos, editing video, creating presentations, typing a paper, or listening to music.

[important]There are myriad reasons to use linked slides in PowerPoint, but here are just a few:

  • Create choose-your-own-adventure style stories.
  • Create game boards like Jeopardy! or Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader?
  • Create Flashcards with Question on one slide and Answer on another. (This can also be done with animations.)
  • Create tabbed “website-style” presentations


  1. these instructions on how to create a hyperlink to another slide within your presentation.
  2. this video to see a multiple choice quiz in action in PowerPoint using linked slides.
  3. Make your own linked slides by adding shapes or WordArt that link to other slides. (How about a nice game of Let’s Make a Deal?)

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