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2. Creating Custom Path Animations

Motion Path

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I’m sure you’ve seen a hundred times the ol’ tried and true, out-of-the-box animations that PowerPoint offers. There are times when you want a word, a shape, or an image to simply go somewhere or do something that is not available in the standard animations. That’s where custom animations come into play.

  1. this video for a very good introduction to making custom motion paths.
  1. – Here’s a text-based instruction set for creating motion animations (click the “Apply a preset motion path” link to expand those instructions).
  2. this link to get some ideas of how to combine different animation and motion paths for better effect.
  • this video to see a very creative (and advanced!) use of the animation tools in PowerPoint. This is just to give you an idea of how powerful these tools really are (they don’t call it POWERPoint for nothing!)
  • Create a motion path for at least one slide in your historical event PowerPoint. (Maybe a plane traveling over a map, a la Indiana Jones? or armies invading neighboring countries?)

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